Who's Who

is a not-for-profit Organization.

We are dedicated to conserving our Canadian Industrial Heritage.
Our efforts are supported by dedicated volunteers.

Your Current Board of Directors and Officers consists of

Chairman President Vice President Treasurer

John Kneale
Ottawa, ON

Christina Han
Brantford, ON

Jean Farquharson
Paris, ON

Ray Wright
Brantford, ON


Board Members
Rob Adlam
Harley, ON

Tony Cockshutt
St. Catherines, ON

Bill Darfler
Brantford, ON
Peter Muir
Brantford, ON
Craig Sitter
Brantford, ON
Dave Neumann
Brantford, ON


Many have contributed to the organization over the years including;

Rob Adlam, Past President and Special Contributor

Donna Stewart, Past President