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First in the Field 130th Anniversary Edition,

Collectors 5 Disc-DVD set of old industrial films made for the Cockshutt Plow Company, of Brantford, ON. This is the second set in our series, and we are very excited about our launch. There are 5 hours of viewing pleasure, see the introduction of the 'Tiller Combine" and plowing matches from the 1920's, take a tour of the Factory when it was in its hey day, 1947 and watch how the seed drills and boxes were manufactured from the foundry to the shipping train. Includes 3 full length feature films, The Long Furrow, That Man May Live, and Together We Serve. See how the women worked in the factory to build airplane parts for the Mosquito and Lancaster Bombers.
Canadian and US Residents
$60.00 +S&H




The Cockshutt Way

The Cockshutt Way Collector's 5 Disc-DVD set

. If you haven't got one already, be sure to order yours soon. This was the first in our series of old Industrial Films made for Cockshutt, Oliver and White Farm Equipment in Brantford, ON. Included is the introduction of the 500 Series of tractors and the Big Red Line. See famous actors like Gordie Tapp, as Cousin Clem and watch how commercials were filmed. Over 9 hours of viewing pleasure. See first hand how Canadians laboured to build farm equipment for the rest of the world!

Canadian and US Residents
$60.00 +S&H



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Let's Make a Date to Demonstrate

Now available, Let's Make a Date to Demonstrate, single disc DVD featuring Cockshutt footage from the 1950s and 1960s.

Canadian and US Residents
$20.00 +S&H

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